Aero Ale House | Loves Park, Illinois

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Aero Ale House Owners
Aero Ale House  |  Loves Park, Illinois

How it all started

This gastropub was supposed to be a dive bar that went completely in the other direction.  This was the third bar Matt & Jamie opened from scratch but this one took on a life of its own.


It all started with hiring our Celebrity Chef Consultant Brian Duffy who brought ideas and a menu that we never even considered.  People often ask how we met Chef Brian Duffy so here is how it went down.  Jamie and I stalked Chef Brian Duffy by internet while watching him on Spike TV.  We googled his name, found his website and sent a message.  A few days later a match was made in heaven.  Chef Brian Duffy did exactly what we wanted him to do and we are forever grateful for that.


We quickly captured a demographic that was looking for a large selection of craft beers that complimented a kitchen executing a scratch food menu.  Since opening in November of 2014, this store has exceeded all expectations and we have enjoyed every step of this journey.  Stop down and see us, we promise you won’t be disappointed.  Cheers!


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